About Billoo'z Bakery

Billoo'z Bakery works under Apexarise Foods Pvt Ltd and has made its way to the heart of the people. Our tagline, "Better taste with the Better environment" ensures that the customers get the perfect ambiance while enjoying their meal.

Billoo'z Bakery based in Gumanpura, Kota, Billoo'z Bakery have been catering to the needs of the people every since 2017. Two years into the business and we can get the best of all the deals. Billoo'z Bakery can be your one stop solution for delicious and creamy baked foods. Ranging from baked cookies to cakes everything is available here, and no it is not only for kids but for older people as well.

Why choose Billoo'z?

There isn't only one reason that will compel you to come to Billoo'z but many that will make sure you are in Biloo'z.

  • We are the perfect snacking space for family gatherings and party. If you visit this place to spend quality time with your family, we assure you complete enjoyment in a great ambiance and exceptional food items.
  • Are you planning to throw a birthday or kitty party? If you are looking for a great place to celebrate, Billoo'z may just be the right place for you. Great music, enough space and delicious food items, what else you need to enjoy a party?
  • Billoo'z has a soothing atmosphere. The deliciousness of the food becomes double when you sit in a romantic ambiance with someone special to enjoy your meal.
  • Hygiene is our prime concern here. We make sure that hygiene is maintained while you get the food.
  • We prepare our food under high surveillance and environment too. We use high-quality materials to cook food. Ranging from fast food to patties and cakes, we use high-quality ingredients to prepare this. We work towards catering you with the best of all. We specialize in preparing the eggless cakes.

If you have no idea of where to spend a great time, come to Billoo'z.

The atmosphere of Billoo'z has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the people. It has a unique environment, and the focus had been on catering to the needs of the people. So, if you want to enjoy some delicious meal with friends or someone special, do visit your own shop Billoo'z Bakery once.